A generically dependent continuant that is about some thing.

An information content entity is an entity that is generically dependent on some artifact and stands in relation of aboutness to some entity.

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2014-03-10: The use of "thing" is intended to be general enough to include universals and configurations (see https://groups.google.com/d/msg/information-ontology/GBxvYZCk1oc/-L6B5fSBBTQJ).

information_content_entity 'is_encoded_in' some digital_entity in obi before split (040907). information_content_entity 'is_encoded_in' some physical_document in obi before split (040907). Previous. An information content entity is a non-realizable information entity that 'is encoded in' some digital or physical entity.

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information content entity

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Examples of information content entites include journal articles, data, graphical layouts, and graphs.

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PERSON: Chris Stoeckert

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