All terms in SSN

Label Id Description
Result Result [The Result of an Observation, Actuation, or act of Sampling. To store an observation's simple result value one can use the hasSimpleResult property.]
Thing Thing
ObservableProperty ObservableProperty [An observable quality (property, characteristic) of a FeatureOfInterest.]
Property Property [A quality of an entity. An aspect of an entity that is intrinsic to and cannot exist without the entity.]
Input Input [Any information that is provided to a Procedure for its use.]
Sampling Sampling [An act of Sampling carries out a sampling Procedure to create or transform one or more samples.]
Procedure Procedure [A workflow, protocol, plan, algorithm, or computational method specifying how to make an Observation, create a Sample, or make a change to the state of the world (via an Actuator). A Procedure is re-usable, and might be involved in many Observations, Samplings, or Actuations. It explains the steps to be carried out to arrive at reproducible results.]
Actuator Actuator [A device that is used by, or implements, an (Actuation) Procedure that changes the state of the world.]
System System [System is a unit of abstraction for pieces of infrastructure that implement Procedures. A System may have components, its subsystems, which are other systems.]
ActuatableProperty ActuatableProperty [An actuatable quality (property, characteristic) of a FeatureOfInterest.]
Agent Agent
Deployment Deployment [Describes the Deployment of one or more Systems for a particular purpose. Deployment may be done on a Platform.]
Sampler Sampler [A device that is used by, or implements, a Sampling Procedure to create or transform one or more samples.]
Stimulus Stimulus [An event in the real world that 'triggers' the Sensor. The properties associated to the Stimulus may be different to the eventual observed ObservableProperty. It is the event, not the object, that triggers the Sensor.]
Platform Platform [A Platform is an entity that hosts other entities, particularly Sensors, Actuators, Samplers, and other Platforms.]
Actuation Actuation [An Actuation carries out an (Actuation) Procedure to change the state of the world using an Actuator.]
Observation Observation [Act of carrying out an (Observation) Procedure to estimate or calculate a value of a property of a FeatureOfInterest. Links to a Sensor to describe what made the Observation and how; links to an ObservableProperty to describe what the result is an estimate of, and to a FeatureOfInterest to detail what that property was associated with.]
Sensor Sensor [Device, agent (including humans), or software (simulation) involved in, or implementing, a Procedure. Sensors respond to a stimulus, e.g., a change in the environment, or input data composed from the results of prior Observations, and generate a Result. Sensors can be hosted by Platforms.]
Output Output [Any information that is reported from a Procedure.]
TemporalEntity TemporalEntity