All properties in SSN

Label Id Description
hasSimpleResult hasSimpleResult [The simple value of an Observation or Actuation or act of Sampling.]
hasSubSystem hasSubSystem [Relation between a System and its component parts.]
hosts hosts [Relation between a Platform and a Sensor, Actuator, Sampler, or Platform, hosted or mounted on it.]
implementedBy implementedBy [Relation between a Procedure (an algorithm, procedure or method) and an entity that implements that Procedure in some executable way.]
implements implements [Relation between an entity that implements a Procedure in some executable way and the Procedure (an algorithm, procedure or method).]
inDeployment inDeployment [Relation between a Platform and a Deployment, meaning that the deployedSystems of the Deployment are hosted on the Platform.]
isActedOnBy isActedOnBy [Relation between an ActuatableProperty of a FeatureOfInterest and an Actuation changing its state.]
isDefinedBy isDefinedBy
isFeatureOfInterestOf isFeatureOfInterestOf [A relation between a FeatureOfInterest and an Observation about it, an Actuation acting on it, or an act of Sampling that sampled it.]
isHostedBy isHostedBy [Relation between a Sensor, Actuator, Sampler, or Platform, and the Platform that it is mounted on or hosted by.]
isObservedBy isObservedBy [Relation between an ObservableProperty and the Sensor able to observe it.]
isPropertyOf isPropertyOf [Relation between a Property and the entity it belongs to.]
isProxyFor isProxyFor [A relation from a Stimulus to the Property that the Stimulus is serving as a proxy for.]
isResultOf isResultOf [Relation linking a Result to the Observation or Actuation or act of Sampling that created or caused it.]
isSampleOf isSampleOf [Relation from a Sample to the FeatureOfInterest that it is intended to be representative of.]
label label
license license
madeActuation madeActuation [Relation between an Actuator and the Actuation it has made.]
madeByActuator madeByActuator [Relation linking an Actuation to the Actuator that made that Actuation.]
madeBySampler madeBySampler [Relation linking an act of Sampling to the Sampler (sampling device or entity) that made it.]