All properties in SSN

Label Id Description
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
actsOnProperty actsOnProperty [Relation between an Actuation and the property of a FeatureOfInterest it is acting upon.]
comment comment
created created
creator creator
definition definition
deployedOnPlatform deployedOnPlatform [Relation between a Deployment and the Platform on which the Systems are deployed.]
deployedSystem deployedSystem [Relation between a Deployment and a deployed System.]
description description
detects detects [A relation from a Sensor to the Stimulus that the Sensor detects. The Stimulus itself will be serving as a proxy for some ObservableProperty.]
domainIncludes domainIncludes
example example
forProperty forProperty [A relation between some aspect of an entity and a Property.]
hasDeployment hasDeployment [Relation between a System and a Deployment, recording that the System is deployed in that Deployment.]
hasFeatureOfInterest hasFeatureOfInterest [A relation between an Observation and the entity whose quality was observed, or between an Actuation and the entity whose property was modified, or between an act of Sampling and the entity that was sampled.]
hasInput hasInput [Relation between a Procedure and an Input to it.]
hasOutput hasOutput [Relation between a Procedure and an Output of it.]
hasProperty hasProperty [Relation between an entity and a Property of that entity.]
hasResult hasResult [Relation linking an Observation or Actuation or act of Sampling and a Result or Sample.]
hasSample hasSample [Relation between a FeatureOfInterest and the Sample used to represent it.]