All terms in sosa

Label Id Description
Result Result [The Result of an Observation, Actuation, or act of Sampling. To store an observation's simple result value one can use the hasSimpleResult property.]
Thing Thing
Observable Property ObservableProperty [An observable quality (property, characteristic) of a FeatureOfInterest.]
Sampling Sampling [An act of Sampling carries out a sampling Procedure to create or transform one or more samples.]
Procedure Procedure [A workflow, protocol, plan, algorithm, or computational method specifying how to make an Observation, create a Sample, or make a change to the state of the world (via an Actuator). A Procedure is re-usable, and might be involved in many Observations, Samplings, or Actuations. It explains the steps to be carried out to arrive at reproducible results.]
Actuator Actuator [A device that is used by, or implements, an (Actuation) Procedure that changes the state of the world.]
Actuatable Property ActuatableProperty [An actuatable quality (property, characteristic) of a FeatureOfInterest.]
Agent Agent
Sampler Sampler [A device that is used by, or implements, a Sampling Procedure to create or transform one or more samples.]
Platform Platform [A Platform is an entity that hosts other entities, particularly Sensors, Actuators, Samplers, and other Platforms.]
Actuation Actuation [An Actuation carries out an (Actuation) Procedure to change the state of the world using an Actuator.]
Observation Observation [Act of carrying out an (Observation) Procedure to estimate or calculate a value of a property of a FeatureOfInterest. Links to a Sensor to describe what made the Observation and how; links to an ObservableProperty to describe what the result is an estimate of, and to a FeatureOfInterest to detail what that property was associated with.]
Sensor Sensor [Device, agent (including humans), or software (simulation) involved in, or implementing, a Procedure. Sensors respond to a stimulus, e.g., a change in the environment, or input data composed from the results of prior Observations, and generate a Result. Sensors can be hosted by Platforms.]
TemporalEntity TemporalEntity
Feature Of Interest FeatureOfInterest [The thing whose property is being estimated or calculated in the course of an Observation to arrive at a Result or whose property is being manipulated by an Actuator, or which is being sampled or transformed in an act of Sampling.]
Vocabulary Vocabulary
Sample Sample [Feature which is intended to be representative of a FeatureOfInterest on which Observations may be made.]