All terms in SD

Label Id Description
Sample Execution SampleExecution [A sample execution of a given software]
Activity Activity
Thing Thing
Dataset Specification DatasetSpecification [Class designed to describe a type of input or output used or produced by a model. For example, Topoflow has several inputs. One of them is a text file with precipitation values. The representation of this input is an instance of a dataset specification.]
DataStructureDefinition DataStructureDefinition
Person Person
Configuration Setup ConfigurationSetup [Special type of configuration in which some of the inputs or parameters are associated to files or values. A configuration may be associated to multiple setups to facilitate its execution.]
Software Configuration SoftwareConfiguration [A software configuration represents a particular way of invoking a function of a software component. A software configuration exposes the precise inputs and outputs that are used for that function. Multiple software configurations may be associated to a software component. A software configuration facilitates the encapsulation of software, and it can be used to represent components of scientific workflows.]
Unit Unit
Sample Collection SampleCollection [A collection of resources that are used as sample for running a sfoware component multiple times]
Sample Resource SampleResource [A sample resource associated with a software]
Data Transformation DataTransformation [Class that represents a software for performing data transformation.]
Numerical Index NumericalIndex [A number (such as a ratio) derived from a series of observations and used as an indicator or measure (]
Variable Variable [A symbol that represents a quanity in a dataset or dataset specification]
Entity Entity
Software Image SoftwareImage [An image that virtualizes the functionality of a given software. For example, a Docker container.]
Software Software [The set of instructions that indicate a machine how to work. In this ontology software is a general concept which acts as a superclass for software versions, docker images, data transformations, etc.]
Variable presentation VariablePresentation [Concept used to represent an instantiation of a variable in an input/output dataset. For example, a model A may use an input file with temperature expressed in Farenheit (variablePresentation1), while a model B may produce an output with temperature in Celsius (variablePresentation2). Both variable presentations refer to the concept of temperature.]
SoftwareApplication SoftwareApplication
Software Version SoftwareVersion [A software version is a specificf type of software that represents a particular set of functionalities. New functionalities and error fixes may occur between software versions]