All terms in OM

Label Id Description
prefixed steradian PrefixedSteradian
quality mark QualityMark
total density parameter TotalDensityParameter [The total density parameter.]
density parameter DensityParameter [Ratio of the average density and the critical density.]
Escherichia coli count (volumetric) VolumetricEscherichiaColiCount
normal stress NormalStress
stress Stress [Stress is a force that produces or tends to produce deformation in a body measured by the force applied per unit area.]
number yellow leaves NumberYellowLeaves [Aantal yellow bladeren.]
number leaves NumberLeaves
quality mark flower(s) QualityMarkFlower
cause end of vase life rotten leaves CauseEndOfVaseLifeRottenLeaves [Oorzaak einde vaasleven rotte bladeren (1/0).]
Rankine temperature RankineTemperature
temperature Temperature [Temperature is the extent to which an object is hot.]
prefixed lumen PrefixedLumen
x range xRange
length Length [Length is the amount of space between two geographical points along a curve. It is a base quantity in the International System of Units and other systems of units. Length is speed times time. The metre, a base unit of length in the International System of Units, is defined in terms of speed of light during a certain time interval.]
reddening (B-V) ReddeningB-V [Reddening causes the star to appear redder if more dust or gas is between the star and the observer. The standard reddening is measured using the B and V passbands.]
reddening Reddening [Reddening causes the star to appear redder if more dust or gas is between the star and the observer.]
xanthan mass fraction XanthanMassFraction [The fraction of the mass of xanthan in a phenomenon]
mass fraction MassFraction