All terms in OEO

Label Id Description
uncertainty approach OEO_00140167 [An uncertainty approach is a model descriptor that specifies how a model deals with uncertainty.]
model descriptor OEO_00020016 [A model descriptor is an information content entity that contains information about some model.]
email address OEO_00140171 [An email address is an information content entity that identifies an email box to which messages are delivered.]
information content entity IAO_0000030 [A generically dependent continuant that is about some thing.]
continuant BFO_0000002
entity BFO_0000001
occurrent BFO_0000003
Thing Thing
spatial region BFO_0000006
immaterial entity BFO_0000141
independent continuant BFO_0000004 [b is an independent continuant = Def. b is a continuant which is such that there is no c and no t such that b s-depends_on c at t. (axiom label in BFO2 Reference: [017-002])]
temporal region BFO_0000008
two-dimensional spatial region BFO_0000009
denotator type IAO_0000409 [A denotator type indicates how a term should be interpreted from an ontological perspective.]
data about an ontology part IAO_0000102 [Data about an ontology part is a data item about a part of an ontology, for example a term]
nano UO_0000300 [A prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10 to the power of -9.]
prefix UO_0000046
microgram per liter UO_0000301 [A mass unit density which is equal to mass of an object in micrograms divided by the volume in liters.]
mass density unit UO_0000052 [A density unit which is a standard measure of the mass of a substance in a given volume.]
atto UO_0000304 [A prefix in the metric system denoting a factor of 10 to the power of -18.]