All terms in m4i

Label Id Description
kind of quantity KindOfQuantity [Kind of quantity, i.e., a physical/chemical quantity from a controlled vocabulary, such as QUDT, IEC, or EMMO]
Intangible Intangible [A utility class that serves as the umbrella for a number of 'intangible' things such as quantities, structured values, etc.]
Activity Activity [An activity is something that occurs over a period of time and acts upon or with entities; it may include consuming, processing, transforming, modifying, relocating, using, or generating entities., Eine Aktivität ist etwas, das über einen Zeitraum und mit oder an Entitäten erfolgt; dazu kann das Verbrauchen, Verarbeiten, Transformieren, Modifizieren, Relokalisieren, Verwenden, oder die Genese von Entitäten gehören.]
process BFO_0000015 [Process, i.e., a physical entity with a temporal evolution that 'has a meaning for the ontologist']
uncertainty declaration UncertaintyDeclaration [Declaration that can be applied to an si:Real quantity value to give an assessment of uncertainty]
Agent Agent
Thing Thing
distribution Distribution [A specific representation of a dataset. A dataset might be available in multiple serializations that may differ in various ways, including natural language, media-type or format, schematic organization, temporal and spatial resolution, level of detail or profiles (which might specify any or all of the above).]
dataset series DatasetSeries [A collection of datasets that are published separately, but share some common characteristics that groups them.]
dataset Dataset
Real Real [(Real value +- uncertainty) x measurement unit, i.e., a scalar value with a measurement unit and an uncertainty indication]
Quantity value QuantityValue [Quantity value, i.e., a value that has a numerical magnitude and a physical unit]
Variable Variable [Variable, i.e., a conventional that is employed for something to which values can be assigned (this may include different notations for the same variable including, e.g., computational representations); this is to be understood very generally, e.g., a variable may be an array or set of elements or have another kind of internal structure]
method Method [Abstract description of a method for analysis, generation and transformation of data and material objects like, e.g., 'Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy' or 'Molecular Dynamics Simulation'. Note that while values for relevant parameters should be provided, m4i:Method does not refer to the actual execution of the process that is described (use m4i:ProcessingStep for that), but rather a description of the underlying principle.]
realizable entity BFO_0000017 [To say that b is a realizable entity is to say that b is a specifically dependent continuant that inheres in some independent continuant which is not a spatial region and is of a type instances of which are realized in processes of a correlated type. (axiom label in BFO2 Reference: [058-002])]
measurement unit EMMO_b081b346_7279_46ef_9a3d_2c088fcd79f4 [MeasurementUnit, i.e., a Mathematical ReferenceUnit that stands for the standard reference magnitude of a specific class of measurement processes, defined and adopted by convention or by law]
expanded uncertainty ExpandedUnc [Structure for stating an expanded measurement, model, or simulation uncertainty, e.g., to be applied to an si:Real quantity value]
Organization Organization
research project ResearchProject
Project Project