All properties in m4i

Label Id Description
ORCID Id orcidId
TopObjectProperty TopObjectProperty
abstract abstract
affiliation affiliation
agent agent [The prov:agent property is used to reference an agent that had a role in an activity.]
altLabel altLabel
associated to project inProject [A property that connects a person or an organization with a project.]
broader broader
citation citation
closeMatch closeMatch
comment comment
compression format compressFormat [The compression format of the distribution in which the data is contained in a compressed form, e.g. to reduce the size of the downloadable file.]
contributor contributor
created created
creator creator
definition definition
description description [An account of the resource.]
doi doi
download URL downloadURL [The URL of the downloadable file in a given format. E.g. CSV file or RDF file. The format is indicated by the distribution's dcterms:format and/or dcat:mediaType.]
editorialNote editorialNote