All individuals in m4i

Label Id Description
contact person ContactPerson [Person with knowledge of how to access, troubleshoot, or otherwise field issues related to the resource]
data collector DataCollector [Person/institution responsible for finding or gathering/collecting data under the guidelines of the author(s) or Principal Investigator (PI)]
data curator DataCurator [Person tasked with reviewing, enhancing, cleaning, or standardizing metadata and the associated data submitted for storage, use, and maintenance within a data centre or repository]
data manager DataManager [Person (or organisation with a staff of data managers, such as a data centre) responsible for maintaining the finished resource]
distributor Distributor [Institution tasked with responsibility to generate/disseminate copies of the resource in either electronic or print form]
editor Editor [A person who oversees the details related to the publication format of the resource]
hosting institution HostingInstitution [Typically, the organisation allowing the resource to be available on the internet through the provision of its hardware/software/operating support]
other person Other [Any person or institution making a significant contribution to the development and/or maintenance of the resource, but whose contribution is notadequately described by any of the other values for contributorType]
producer Producer [Typically,a person or organisation responsible for the artistry and form of a media product]
project leader ProjectLeader [Person officially designated as head of project team or sub-project team instrumental in the work necessary to development of the resource]
project manager ProjectManager [Person officially designated as manager of a project. Project may consist of one or many project teams and sub-teams.]
project member ProjectMember [Person on the membership list of a designated project/project team]
registration agency RegistrationAgency [Institution/organisation officially appointed by a Registration Authority to handle specific tasks within a defined area of responsibility]
registration authority RegistrationAuthority [A standards-setting body from which Registration Agencies obtain official recognition and guidance]
related person RelatedPerson [A person without a specifically defined role in the development of the resource, but who is someone the author wishes to recognize]
research group ResearchGroup [Typically refers to a group of individuals with a lab, department, or divisionthathas a specifically defined focus of activity.]
researcher Researcher [A person involved in analysing data or the results of an experiment or formal study. May indicate an intern or assistant to one of the authors who helped with research but who was not so “key” as to be listed as an author.]
rights holder RightsHolder [Person or institution owning or managing property rights, including intellectual property rights over the resource]
sponsor Sponsor [Person or organisation that issued a contract or under the auspices of which a work has been written, printed, published, developed, etc.]
supervisor Supervisor [Designated administrator over one or more groups/teams working to produce a resource, or over one or more steps of a development process]