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A 'Quantum' stands for a 4D real world object.

A 'Quantum' is the most fundamental subclass of 'Item', since its individuals stand for the smallest possible self-connected 4D real world objects. The quantum concept recalls the fact that there is lower epistemological limit to our knowledge of the universe, related to the uncertainity principle.

A quantum is the EMMO mereological 4D a-tomic entity. To avoid confusion with the concept of atom coming from physics, we will use the expression quantum mereology, instead of a-tomistic mereology.


The class of 'EMMO' individuals that stand for real world objects that can't be further divided in time nor in space.


From Latin quantum (plural quanta) "as much as, so much as;", introduced in physics directly from Latin by Max Planck, 1900.


For a physics based ontology the 'Quantum' can stand for the smallest identifiable portion of spacetime defined by the Planck limit in length (1.616e-35 m) and time (5.39e-44 s). However, the quantum mereotopology approach is not restricted only to physics. For example, in a manpower management ontology, a 'Quantum' can stand for an hour (time) of a worker (space) activity.

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