All properties in dr

Label Id Description
average weight of used material per chip average_weight_of_used_material_per_chip
back end manufacturing back_end_manufacturing
before before
belong to open order belongs_to_open_order
belongs to ISA-95 layer belongs_to_ISA_95_layer
belongs to division belongs_to_division
belongs to furnace process belongs_to_furnace_process
belongs to model belongs_to_model
belongs to organizational unit belongs_to_organizational_unit
belongs to product line belongs_to_product_line
benefit benefit
budget factor budget_factor
budget value budget_value
budgetary price budgetary_price
calculated based calculated_based
calculated based on calculated_based_on
calculates calculates
can be applied in can_be_applied_in
capacity loss capacity_loss
carries out task carries_out_task