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Label Id Description
CO2 burden of a unit CO2_burden_of_a_unit
CO2 burden of chemicals in the front end manufacturing CO2_burden_of_chemicals_in_the_front_end_manufacturing
CO2 burden of gases in the front end manufacturing CO2_burden_of_gases_in_the_front_end_manufacturing
CO2 burden of metals in the front end manufacturing CO2_burden_of_metals_in_the_front_end_manufacturing
CO2 equivalent per chemical CO2_equivalent_per_chemical
CO2 equivalent per gas CO2_equivalent_per_gas
CO2 equivalent per material CO2_equivalent_per_material
CO2 equivalent per metal CO2_equivalent_per_metal
CO2 factor CO2_factor
CO2 savings of a unit CO2_savings_of_a_unit
CO2 savings of one semiconductor CO2_savings_of_one_semiconductor
CO2 savings of units in company products CO2_savings_of_units_in_company_products
CO2 savings units sold worldwide in a year CO2_savings_units_sold_worldwide_in_a_year
DC link voltage characteristic DC_link_voltage_characteristic
IP address IP_address
IP code IP_code
MAC address MAC_address
PO number OCR PO_number_OCR
PO number OO PO_number_OO
The Depletion Mode Is Working As is_working_as