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About NFDI4Ing Terminology Service

NFDI4Ing Terminology Service is a repository for engineering ontologies that aims to provide a single point of access to the latest ontology versions. You can browse engineering ontologies either through this website or via the Rest API. NFDI4Ing TS is developed and maintained by TIB as an extension of the TIB Central Terminology Service .

Community Vision of NFDI4Ing

NFDI4Ing Terminology Service is a community driven offer, that intends to reflect the interests of engineers (see respective DFG Subjects Area) . We appreciate and encourage everyone interested to get involved in shaping it by proposing further existing ontologies and new features. To make such proposals please either write an email to felix.engel (AT) tib.eu or use our GitLab issue tracker.

Data Content

Updated 29 Nov 2022 20:29
  • 31 ontologies
  • 13,051 terms
  • 4,289 properties
  • 10,551 individuals